Thursday, April 9, 2009


I saw my first Smart Car up close today. It was cute, and cuter still it gets 45 miles to the gallon, and is $17,000. It's by Mercedes. Now I'm a van person, I carry so much junk and BBQ Sauce, and stuff that I couldn't possibly fit everything into this cute lil' thing. But for that price and that milage, I'm thinkin' about it.

The drawback. Yes, there is always a drawback. Though the company is offering extended waranties, you can only take it to a licensed dealer. Where I live here in Bellingham, the closest one that could work on my car is in Seattle; two hours away. Will they give me a loaner (free)? They are so new, what wears out first on them. The lady I talked to has had hers less than a year, and Mercedes has offered to give her a new transmission free of charge, though nothing is wrong with hers (that she knows of) mmmmmmm.

Only time will tell, but I bet Americans will get on the band wagon for smarter cars. As small as hers is, if GM would make a slightly larger model for that price, to get that milage - I'd go with them. I want to buy American.

So much of our Real Estate is owned by forign countries, I would hate to see our Automakers be sold to forigners too. Please GM, Chrystler get it together. We the people love you. Don't we?

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