Friday, April 10, 2009


I love to cook. When I was a young woman and had my kids and it seemed like everyone elses at my house, we ate. I'm so glad that I had a mom and grandma, and aunties that taught me how to cook. But what they didn't teach me was about budgeting. They did teach me to how to streaaaaatch what I had.

There are a lot of young people today who do not have close family around to encourage them in the kitchen. Feeding your kids or yourselfe healthy, good tasting foods doesn't have to be a secret or hard.

Check out in your area outlet grocery stores. Even some of the dollar stores have fresh fruits and veggies now, much cheaper than you pay at your local well lit, high priced, grocery chain. Apartment living is almost a standard. Grow a garden in planters; tomatoes, green beans, green onions, collard greens and spinich are just some of the things that can be grown well in small spaces on patios.

Oh, you've never done this before. Go to Lowes, Kmart, Walmart ar somewhere that has a garden center. Tell them what you want to do, and how much space you have. For under $20. you can get started. This can give you a whole summer of veggies.

I freeze. If you grow onions, clean and dice them, put them in plastic baggies and use in soups, stews, chili, etc. The same with green peppers. That way you have veggies into the winter. Some of the herbs are really pretty. If you have a lot of sun and warm weather, consider red chili peppers - a buitiful plant that you can grow and keep for future use. They can be dried and used later. Make your own hot sauce or hot wing sauce. So many easy cheap things.

If you want to see more articles like this one for cooking and budgeting, please let me know. I'm here for you!!

Can anyone tell me what Show we recently heart that statement on?

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