Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is still the day the Lord has made and I will be glad and rejoice in this day (Psalm 118:)

I don't just quote that to be sayin' something. I say it because I believe it. I say it because I have seen many days of recession and depression (financially, emotionally, and spiritually) while raising my kids. Did I always rejoice in the day and all that came with it? NO. But now I can look back and see the wisdom of rejoicing, and pass it on to someone else who may be going through. Key word in any day is "THROUGH." If you don't give up you will come through.

Somebody, somewhere is always going through a RECESSION, DEPRESSION TIME. How have folks all over the world managed to keep going? DON'T QUIT!!

Look at this day and where you are in this day; positive and negative.
Who's around you? ...and don't even say nobody. Jesus said I will never leave you or forsake you.
Are you clothed?
Can you get something to eat today?
Can you work today?
Are you able to make value of the day or waste it? This is important. We have a choice of action or inaction.
Can you sing a song today, and what kind of song will it be?

Q: What does all the above have to do with the recession?
A: Getting over

Our state of mind and how we approach our situations help us or hinder us in going through. If you have children and have lost your job, can't do all the activities you once did with and for them; the most loving thing you can do is be honest with them and yourself. Then, get a plan and a song for the day.

Are you a Blues song? "Everyday I have the Blues"
This song will bring you so far down, that you won't even want to be around yourself. And NEVER mix this song with alcohol or other chemicals. This is a NOBODY WINS combination.

Are you a Pity me? "Nobody wants me when I'm down and out"
This song will keep you down and out, on the road to not doing much for yourself or anyone else. Pity tries to justify a bad situation. It will always find something or someone to blame, and keeps you from realizing the power and love that is around you.

Are you an overcomer song? "Victory is Mine"
This song can encourage you to look at your resources, talents, gifts and see how you can use them in the moment.

Your song shows up in the way you live your life. I have lived all these songs at one time or another, and the quickest way for me was to sing a song of praise, even when I was in the dumps. Whatever you do in the hard times - DON'T QUIT!!

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